Call for Programming

Call for Programming

Submit your content by Wednesday, August 29 at 5:00pm.


The objective of the WeDC Fest is to support a strong culture of creativity and innovation in Washington, DC and to build a strong and inclusive community of creative and social impact innovators. Session proposals will be evaluated on their ability to support the conference objectives:

  • To provide an inclusive forum to identify, discuss and provide insights into current local and national issues in technology, creative and social enterprise industries. 
  • To forge stronger links and create networking opportunities for policymakers and leaders to converge. 
  • To provide a venue for a new generation of creative innovators, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to interact, innovate and shape the future of the local and national landscape. 
  • To raise the profile of Washington, DC’s creative innovators while celebrating diversity, inclusion and intersectionality of Washington, DC’s creative communities.


  • Stimulate discussion and debate, challenge conventional thinking and offer differing points of view
  • Include speakers with diverse ethnic, racial and gender perspectives
  • Showcase innovative approaches and creative responses to industry problems or opportunities

All programming proposals accepted through the WeDC Fest Call for Programming process will be included as part of the WeDC Fest schedule and will be at no cost to the session organizer or speakers. All sessions will be at the National Union Building (918 F Street, NW) on Thursday, September 27, or Friday, September 28. Once your proposal has been selected, WDCEP staff will work with you to finalize a date/time that works with your speakers. Please note: WDCEP is not able to provide travel, lodging or other financial compensation for speakers.






Speaker 1

If session format is a panel or interview, Speaker 1 should be the proposed moderator or interviewer

Speaker 2

Speaker 3

Speaker 4

Submission deadline is Wednesday, August 29 at 5:00pm.


All proposals will be evaluated by the WeDC Fest Programming Committee. The following criteria will be used to assess and rank proposals for the WeDC Fest:


  1. Alignment with WeDC Fest Objectives
  2. Quality of the proposed session and panelists
  3. Diverse representation of speakers by gender and underrepresented groups
  4. Readiness
  5. Importantance of the session for tech & innovation, makers & creatives and social entrepreneurship industries.


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